Hollywood Cres Weather Station


I installed a weather station here at the house in July 2021.

It is a Weatherflow Tempest, and is a great unit that I'd happily recommend to anyone who wants a weather station and wants it to run with the minimum amount of maintenance.

Tempest Weather Report:

* Weatherflow Tempest Weather Reporting (Local Weatherflow map)

Other Weather Reports using the local station:

* Weather Underground (Weather Underground map)

* AWEKAS (Automatisches Wetterkarten System) [Austria] (Local AWEKAS map)

* Weathercloud (Weathercloud map)

* weewx Weather Reporting (weewx map)

* British Weather Observations Website (WOW) (pending)

These sites get their data from weewx weather software running on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.

upd May 2022