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Jack Knowles - 90

We were privileged to attend Jack's 90th birthday at Brighton (Ontario) in January. A few pictures at Jack's 90th birthday party.

It was a special occasion with two (!) MPPs (Member of the Provincial Parliament) attending the birthday party.

And then, only a few days later we lost Jack in a car accident. We all are very grateful that we could celebrate a great achievement with a very with-it character at his almost ultimate day. We will all miss him dearly.

Posted: Feb 2018

Snowshoeing - Hardwood Hills, Jan 2018

Lottie & I had a fun (half) day snowshoeing at Hardwood Hills - about 90 minutes north of Toronto.

Posted: January 2018

Lubec Maine Images 2011

Images taken during the Lubec Photo Workshop at Lubec Maine and which is part of the Summerkeys School of Music. Instructors Frank Van Riper and Judith Goodman took us around a number of locations at varying times of the day (pre-dawn to well after dark in the grave yard :)  ) to capture the best light (& lack of).

Posted: January 2018

Lubec Maine 2012

 Images taken at the same workshop a year later in 2012.

Posted: January 2018

2015 General Travels

Assorted pictures from travels in 2015.

Posted: December 2017

Christmas 2016

We spent Christmas, as usual, with virtual family in Montreal. The cast appearing in these pictures covers most of the crew: Lottie, Nyree, Andrew, Pam, Terry, Liz, David, Olga, Anastasia, Xavier, Abigail. The two missing are: Peggy... and me.

Banff - other pictures 2015

Pictures from the week spent with Lottie, Nyree & Andrew in Banff, staying at Johnston Canyon, and participating in much of the great sites & locations of the area.

Andrew's Triathlon, Banff 2015

We were delighted to be invited to watch Andrew, Nyree's partner, participate in the Banff Iron Man Triathlon in August 2015.

Kilmarnock Lock

After the Ottawa weekend, Lottie & I took the long journey home through Smiths Falls, and took a cycling trip past Kilmarnock Lock on the Rideau Canal system.

Images taken: July 2014
Posted: July 2014

The Families in Ottawa

In July, the Montreal, Fort Mac and Toronto families gathered for a weekend in Ottawa. The catalyst was a wedding that Nyree & Andrew were invited to, and was sufficient for the rest of us to gather to share drink, food, cycling and... drink. It's no coincidence these pictures all seem to closely relate to food.

Images taken: July 2014
Posted: July 2014

Ashbridges Bay Yacht Club, Toronto Hydroplane & Sailing Club - Toronto June 2014

Images captured at nearby adjacent clubs during a nautical day.

Images Taken: June 2014
Posted: July 2014

Muhtadi Drumming Festival - Toronto June 8, 2014

The Muhtadi festival celebrates the drum and its universality as an art form in a 2-day festival at Woodbine Park.

Images Taken: June 2014
Posted: July 2014

Hollywood at Dusk, July 2013

I went for a walk around the manor, well, the building we call home, at dusk with camera and tripod. Even though we've been living there for 15+ years, there can always be a different view when looking through the viewfinder.

A few snaps of what I saw.

Images Taken: July 2013
Posted: February 2014

Winter at  the Beach, Toronto

I took a walk at the Beach on one of the coldest days of the year - the only people there were photographers and people walking dogs. The rest, the smart ones, stayed at home.

Images Taken, Posted: January 2014.

Village of Chelsea, Michigan.

In July, the company put me in Michigan to visit some customers. My work colleague & I  had a couple of hours off in the afternoon and we went to visit Chelsea, a local little prosperous  town. We dined well and then walked through the town during an evening of the Sounds & Sights festival.

Images Taken: July 2013
Posted: January 2014

Sioux Falls SD - City and Surroundings

With the company trip to Sioux Falls (South Dakota) in August I got to see downtown, Falls Park (hence the name of the city) and the fairgrounds where I went a couple of days later to see the Charlie Daniels Band (see here for images from the concert).

Images Taken: August 2013
Posted: January 2014

VanDusen Botanic Garden Light Show, Vancouver

We saw the VanDusen Botanic Garden Light Show this Christmas (2013). Apparently there are over 1 million LED bulbs along with angels lurking in the bushes.

Images Taken: December 2013
Posted: January 2014

Antony Grimes Tarrant, Live at The Main

We were privileged to attend an intimate concert by Antony Grimes Tarrant, live at The Main, Main St, Vancouver, December 2013. This concert will be talked about for years to come.

Date: December 2013

Charlie Daniels Band, Sioux Falls South Dakota

The company put me in Sioux Falls (South Dakota) in August to go visit a customer. The gods were smiling and on my night off, I saw the Charlie Daniels Band was playing at the local State Fairgrounds.

As you can see, the concert started before sunset and finished when all was dark.

Charlie Daniels' great hit was: The Devil Went Down to Georgia - a funky C&W fiddle tune. So, when you see the last picture... that's Johnny winning the golden fiddle in the closing number.

Images Taken: August: 2013
Posted: December 2013

Garlic Braiding

Stratford (Ontario) holds a garlic festival annually, and Lottie is a keen attendee. This year, 2013, Lottie attended the garlic braiding class and I attended as the photojournalist.

Here we see a triumphant Lottie demonstrating victory over 13 garlic!

Images Taken: September 2013
Posted: December 2013

Toronto Fall & Skyline

I took a walk in November (2013) on a perfect crisp Fall afternoon at Ashbridge's Bay (Toronto) at the western end of The Beach. It was just a beautiful afternoon and I walked the lesser popular region out to the view of the city. With my photographic dawdle capturing the trees and lake shore, I reached the point that looks out to the city just as the sun was setting, and then caught the colour over the city.

Overall, a successful (but cold!) trip out to capture the Fall colours.

Images Taken: November 2013
Posted: December 2013

The Hollywood Calendar Collection

The Calendar has become a tradition of mine for the last few years where I collect the best pictures of the year for distribution to family and friends. There have been some spectacular images across the years.

Images taken: 2008-2013
Posted: November 2013

Bent Fireworks

The pictures were taken at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto on the Victoria Day weekend when we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday like all good loyal British subjects.

The platform was a boat on the lake and the gentle rolling gave the images a very pleasing randomized variation in the lines of light. I was delighted with the results.

A set of five of the best images are on loan to the MacLaren Grand Foyer & Staircase Gallery at the MacLaren Group corporate campus (see  in Leslieville.

Images Taken: May 2013
Posted: November 2013


After Halloween in Toronto, the Jack-o-Lanterns have one last night of glory in the local park. I went out with trusty tripod in the light rain to catch the last of the goblins before they go off to.... pumpkin mush.

Date: November 2013.

Alberta Travels

A folder of galleries has been added to the library which show activities and places visited on our travels. Lots of mountains, streams, and lakes, along with  scenes from Fort McMurray and Edmonton along with its funky antique Radial Railway system.

Date: October 2013.

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