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Last update: February 2020

Vietnam with Exodus, 2019

Also: Cambodia: Siem Reap and the temples
New Zealand: Wellington, Karekare, Central Otago Rail Trail

Poland with Exodus, 2018

Cuba with Exodus, 2012

Jack Knowles - 90

We were privileged to attend Jack's 90th birthday at Brighton (Ontario) in January 2018. A few pictures here from Jack's 90th birthday party.

It was a special occasion with two (!) MPPs (Member of the Provincial Parliament) attending the birthday party.

And then, only a few days later we lost Jack in a car accident. We all are very grateful that we could celebrate a great achievement with a very with-it character at his almost ultimate day. We miss him dearly.

Posted: Feb 2018

Banff - other pictures 2015

Pictures from the week spent with Lottie, Nyree & Andrew in Banff, staying at Johnston Canyon, and participating in much of the great sites & locations of the area.

Andrew's Triathlon, Banff 2015

We were delighted to be invited to watch Andrew, Nyree's partner, participate in the Banff Iron Man Triathlon in August 2015.

Antony Grimes Tarrant, Live at The Main

We were privileged to attend an intimate concert by Ant Tarrant before he became famous, live at The Main, Main St, Vancouver, December 2013. This concert will be talked about for years to come.

Date: December 2013

Bent Fireworks

The pictures were taken at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto on the Victoria Day weekend when we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday like all good loyal British subjects.

The platform was a boat on the lake and the gentle rolling gave the images a very pleasing randomized variation in the lines of light. I was delighted with the results.

A set of five of the best images are on loan to the MacLaren Grand Foyer & Staircase Gallery at the MacLaren Group corporate campus (see www.maclarengroup.com)  in Leslieville.

Images Taken: May 2013
Posted: November 2013

Alberta Travels

A folder of galleries has been added to the library which show activities and places visited on our travels. Lots of mountains, streams, and lakes, along with  scenes from Fort McMurray and Edmonton along with its funky antique Radial Railway system.

Date: October 2013.