I am an amateur photographer in Toronto Canada, who enjoys standing at the blunt end of a camera capturing light. I like the outdoors and the camera gives me lots of motivation to venture forth to strange locations, into strange weather, and at strange times.

I have a collection now of 25,000+ images, some of which are even quite good and this website is here to share (inflict) these beyond my home site.

I previously worked full time with the MacLaren Group in Toronto providing technical training services, mostly in large scale Retail IT roll out projects. I currently perform onsite training services for them as projects arise. The job has enabled me to travel to many obscure places  in Canada and the US and always accompanied by a trusty camera.

Communications are always welcome.


I've had my images on the web for nearly two decades now (!), first from home (from the basement server farm :-) ) and then hosted on a cloud Linux server. In 2013, I found out about SmugMug, and quickly jumped into a full account. It's been fun to explore and the integration with Adobe Lightroom makes a powerful combination.

The interesting and fun challenge is to have a lot of my work on display here while still keeping the navigation nimble and fresh.

December 2020

Contact info:

Ron Grimes
Toronto  CANADA
ron.grimes (AT) pobox.com