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This area shows galleries with some "interesting stuff". Galleries here will flit in and out from the main library depending on my whim of the day, and how much presence there is locally of the  creative muse.

Edmonton - Whyte Ave, Strathcona, and Downtown

This gallery is the collection from a trip in 2013 where we had time to walk around the city of Old Strathcona and feel its draw from past times.

Edmonton - World Wide Photo Walk - 2013

Scott Kelby of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) organizes annually the Work Wide Photo Walk (WWPW) which takes places in cities around the globe. This year (2013) I was in Edmonton and participated in the walk and captured a good collection  of images shown here.

And amazingly, I WON the local competition with the Green Gate image.

October 2013


The Calendar has become a tradition of mine for the last few years where I collect the best pictures of the year for distribution to family and friends. There have been some spectacular images across the years.

Click left to see the years: 2006 - 2016

Muhtadi Drumming Festival (Toronto) 2014

This festival was held in Woodbine Park (not far from our place in Toronto). It was a very boisterous festival, and I was particularly captured by FND, the eclectic  group who appear in most of the images.

The gentleman in green was visiting from Guiana on some sort of exchange or scholarship, and was certainly a leader with the group.

Images taken: June 2014
Posted: July 2014

Bent Fireworks

The pictures were taken at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto on the Victoria Day weekend when we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday like all good loyal British subjects.

The platform was a boat on the lake and the gentle rolling gave the images a very pleasing randomized variation in the lines of light. I was delighted with the results.

A set of five of the best images are on loan to the MacLaren Grand Foyer & Staircase Gallery at the MacLaren Group corporate campus (see www.maclarengroup.com)  in Leslieville.

Images Taken: May 2013
Posted: November 2013